James Martin II brings his experience as a corporate trainer from the board room to the classroom. He understands the importance of building confidence and creating an avenue for students to become positive influences on campus, in the workplace and in their communities. Through workshops and seminars, James has developed a unique and one of a kind program called “The Charisma Experience”. The topics covered in “The Charisma Experience” will assist participants in creating a marketable and professional image.


Personal Branding

NIKE, Coca-Cola, Apple…All great brands have something in common…They possess certain great qualities, consistency and a uniqueness that commands respect. We take each student and provide them with the tools necessary to understand what it takes, daily, to build a positive reputation and undisputable personal brand!

Dining and Social Etiquette

The manner in which you conduct yourself at the dinner table and in public says a lot about you. The proper maneuvers taught will provide participants with confidence and alleviate opportunities for embarrassment.

Dressing for Achievement

People typically see you before they hear you. That's why knowing how to appropriately dress is paramount. Learn how to assemble a professional ensemble and the nuances that make you stand out in the crowd.

Communication Skills

Effective communication is the key to building relationships and establishing rapport. Participants will learn how to become excellent communicators based on face to face, phone and digital engagement.

Interviewing Skills

Whether interviewing for a job or to be a member of an organization, you will be coached on the do's, dont's and best practices of the interview process.

Workplace Etiquette

There are certain behaviors that should be exhibited in the workplace in order to provide a respectful and pleasant environment. Learn how adhering to proper workplace etiquette ensures your place as a professional in the eyes of peers, clients and customers.