What is a life Coach?

A life coach is someone who provides encouragement and assistance to those who strive for continuous improvement in their personal and/or professional lives.

We all have untapped potential that is waiting to be explored and cultivated. Having a life coach will help you open the window to your potential and create a life that will surpass all that you have ever thought possible. Through coaching, you will strategically discover new alternatives to reaching your dreams and be more committed to actions that will make you successful.

You will learn how to maneuver from your comfort zone to actively search for those desired areas of satisfaction and achievement. J. Dorthen will assist CEOs, managers and other leaders to not only lead with clarity, competence and confidence, but to lead employees to greater moral and job satisfaction through understanding the great influential abilities that they possess. As a Certified Professional Life Coach, he will lead you to recognize the opportunities that lie before you and how to leverage those opportunities to define a better future. You will be encouraged to strive for peak performance in all aspects of your life and become focused on the things that matter most to you.

Throughout your coaching experience, you will realize step by step, that you have the authority to change direction, eliminate roadblocks and continually build on your daily successes. His guidance will help you to create a clear vision of what you want in life. J. Dorthen will help you to live a balanced and purpose driven life by creating a roadmap for you to follow in order to ‚Äúrevolutionize your journey to greatness‚ÄĚ.