The Rebirth of the Gentleman Tour

Molding Minds…..Developing Dreams…..Impacting Image

A New Breed of Sophistication

A New Breed of Confidence

A New Breed of Character

Where are the TRUE gentlemen?

That’s the question that many in society are asking about minority males.

Why is it that many have to wonder if men are responsible, respectful, caring, goal oriented, have strong work ethic, dependable, and know how to properly dress?

The objective of the tour is to encourage young men to make good life choices, have a sense of pride in themselves and their daily actions, and serve as positive influences in their communities. The information shared will allow students to realize their value and undeniable potential. With an emphasis on topics such as image, etiquette, goal setting and relationships, the tour is destined to change the lives of young men everywhere. They will be encouraged to be the ULTIMATE GENTLEMAN.

Topics of the tour are tailored to 3 levels of students:

Middle School Males

High School Males

College Males

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